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    Oh Wimpy Tree, Oh Wimpy Tree

    December 3, 2011

    Guess what.

    Christmas has been saved!

    Last night we went on a Griswold style trip looking for a Christmas tree.  We decided to bite the bullet and buy a real one.  We went to a nearby gardening center that just so happens to be totally organic!  they are about to get to know me really well… And picked out a nice sized 8 footer.  Then we decided that for roughly the same price, we could get a semi decent fakey that we could use for a few extra years.

    So we hauled our butts to Target to get the tree I’d found a few days earlier.  Yeah, sold out.  The website doesn’t even have it online.  In fact, most of their trees online were out of stock.

    Today, I was thirty seconds away from turning into Mrs. Scrooge when Mark found a random box under some junk in the garage.


    If you believe in angels, they were probably singing LOL!

    Mark and I put up the tree while Atticus took a marathon of a nap (we had to miss a play date because of this nap.)  Every year, the tree begins to look wimpier and more pathetic.  It isn’t a nice tree.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.

    This year we tried to augment it with some green garland I had.  It worked well until we ran out about a foot from the bottom!

    So we have a mostly fluffy tree with a pathetic bottom portion.

    Then we shattered one of the globes on our beautiful lights.  Oooops!

    When Atticus woke up, he put his homemade ornaments on our hot mess of a tree.  He had a lot of fun, but for the life of him couldn’t figure out how to hook the darn ornament onto anything.  He wanted them to stick to the lights, so I helped him hook them to the light strand.

    So now we have a mostly fluffy tree with a pathetic bottom portion and an insane fire hazard.

    It got even better as the evening went on.

    The top strand of lights decided to call it quits.  But you know what, we worked hard on that thing and they are just going to have to stay.

    So now we are left with a mostly fluffy tree with a pathetic bottom portion and an insane fire hazard that doesn’t even light up on top. 

    This year we will being singing:
    sing it with me, now…

    Oh Wimpy Tree, Oh Wimpy Tree
    You are insanely pathetic.
    Oh Wimpy Tree, Oh Wimpy Tree
    One day we will replace you.

    If you beg, grovel, and plead I MIGHT post a picture of this hot mess.



    One Response to “Oh Wimpy Tree, Oh Wimpy Tree”

    1. TaraNo Gravatar Says:
      December 4th, 2011 at 10:25 pm

      Oh yeah, we’re really gonna have to see this monstrosity…I mean, tree. ;)